Waste Prevention and Climate Change

Recent News


Speculation about launch of a Zero Waste Economy for England.

It has been suggested that when Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman reveals the priorities from Defra's waste policy review, these may include a Zero Waste Economy initiative for England. Details of the announcement are expected at the CIWM Annual Conference in June.

Beyond Recycling

Climate change...

Here at Beyond Recycling we're beginning to research what is known of the climate change benefits of waste prevention. In preventing waste you don't just avoid the greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste disposal but you avoid all the emissions associated with extraction, manufacturing and transport too. While more work is required to calculate the benefits associated with waste prevention for all manner of materials and products the indications are that benefits will far outweigh those associated with recycling. While we develop this area of our work, if you know of any studies that have considered these benefits please contact us.

Waste prevention, climate change and local authorities

Mike read Associates played a lead role in the recent Defra-funded study into how a local authority could measurably prevent waste. The report is now available here.