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Speculation about launch of a Zero Waste Economy for England.

It has been suggested that when Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman reveals the priorities from Defra's waste policy review, these may include a Zero Waste Economy initiative for England. Details of the announcement are expected at the CIWM Annual Conference in June.

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Waste prevention and waste management options for business

Waste prevention is fast rising up the agenda for all businesses. It offers much cheaper waste management options than recycling, and is certainly better than disposal. If reducing costs or developing new income streams is of interest then Beyond Recycling is here to help.

Waste prevention offers beginning of pipe solutions that can significantly enhance not just your resource efficiency but also your corporate image.

National waste prevention targets are increasing local emphasis on preventing municipal waste. Business will consequentially need to engage more closely with local authorities and often take new approaches and explore innovative solutions.

This is part of an evolutionary change for many businesses; please call or email us now to explore how Beyond Recycling can help you.

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Waste prevention is the new recycling for businesses...