Waste Prevention & the Third Sector

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Speculation about launch of a Zero Waste Economy for England.

It has been suggested that when Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman reveals the priorities from Defra's waste policy review, these may include a Zero Waste Economy initiative for England. Details of the announcement are expected at the CIWM Annual Conference in June.

Beyond Recycling

Waste prevention and waste management options for the third sector

The voluntary and community sector have played a vital role in encouraging recycling, and have an important task ahead of them in encouraging waste prevention. For groups that have got used to generating income from collecting recyclable materials it may not be immediately apparent how to get involved in waste prevention. However, waste prevention is in many ways about behaviour change, and the third sector is singularly well placed to offer behaviour change services to local authorities and others.

The huge benefits that waste prevention offers climate change mitigation may well in due course be of great value to the community and voluntary sector. How long before recycling credits are replaced by marketable carbon credits?

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Waste prevention is the new recycling for the third sector...