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Speculation about launch of a Zero Waste Economy for England.

It has been suggested that when Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman reveals the priorities from Defra's waste policy review, these may include a Zero Waste Economy initiative for England. Details of the announcement are expected at the CIWM Annual Conference in June.

Beyond Recycling

Waste prevention and waste management options for local authorities

Waste prevention is fast rising up the agenda for all local authorities. It offers much cheaper waste management options than recycling, and is increasingly highlighted in national and local strategies. A recent boost for waste prevention is a new national target in the Waste Strategy for England 2007. Active consideration is also being given to statutory levels for waste not reused, recycled or composted per head - effectively local waste prevention targets.

This will be a big evolutionary change for most local authorities, and Beyond Recycling is here to help. We have a great deal of experience working with local authorities, including success with monitored waste prevention initiatives and well understand the challenges faced at local level.

As Sophie Fry of the LGA puts it in the LGA's response to the consultation on a waste prevention 'network', 'The costs of waste management for local authorities are rising dramatically. This is putting pressure on council tax and raising the threat of cuts to other services. Measures focused on waste prevention are clearly needed to lessen this financial burden'.

For local authorities, waste prevention provides many new challenges. Monitoring can be tricky, and liaison with business, retail and the commercial sector also requires new skills. Enhanced working with the community and voluntary sector is also needed. Please call or email us now to explore how Beyond Recycling can help you.

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Waste prevention is the new recycling for local authorities...