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Speculation about launch of a Zero Waste Economy for England.

It has been suggested that when Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman reveals the priorities from Defra's waste policy review, these may include a Zero Waste Economy initiative for England. Details of the announcement are expected at the CIWM Annual Conference in June.

Beyond Recycling

Beyond Recycling - can waste ever be sustainable?

What is Beyond Recycling?

Beyond Recycling is here to promote 'beginning of pipe' waste prevention solutions that offer radical benefits compared with conventional 'sustainable waste management'. Beyond Recycling challenges whether waste can ever be sustainable.

Why go Beyond Recycling?

Recycling is better than not recycling. But it comes at a much bigger cost, environmentally and financially, than we might like to believe. Recycling is in danger of becoming the 'Great Green Easy', making us feel good about unsustainable levels of consumption. 'It doesn't matter how much I consume so long as I recycle most of it, right?' Wrong.

Waste prevention includes the forgotten first two Rs - reduce and reuse, and is also about avoidance - designing out waste, favouring quality over quantity and reducing the hazardousness of waste. For more on waste prevention and why we must swiftly go Beyond Recycling why not read this article by Mike Read.

And importantly waste prevention will save you money.

Waste prevention is rising rapidly up local, regional and national agendas. If you would like help with any waste prevention initiative, policy, or monitoring please contact us.

Recycling is an Interesting Layby: Mike Read writes in Resource magazine. PDF document