about us

About Us

Mike Read Associates was established in 1987, and provides high-quality support and consultancy on a wide range of environmental, social and responsible trade issues. We are approachable, affordable and effective, we only take on work we believe is worthwhile, and we ensure client satisfaction though value-for-money results. Over the last 30 years this combination has led to a long list of satisfied clients.

The team available through Mike Read Associates has an extensive breadth of experience across many aspects of sustainable resource management, and experience working in a huge range of countries and contexts. Mike himself ensures that he has a strong role in all our work in order to ensure that our hallmark combination of high professional standards, hard work, common sense and perspective are unfailingly maintained throughout. Associates with skills as diverse as radiation safety & timber identification are called on for each contract, specific to our clients' needs. Mike Read Associates strives to minimise the environmental costs of every project and offers a fully climate neutral consultancy. All work starts with a free consultation with a client.